Casting tuition

A fellow craft maker got in touch to ask if they could make their own wedding rings. Here is the process and steps they took to make them:

They started with a solid ring shape of wax which they made to the correct size by scraping out the middle. They wanted faceted edges on both their rings, this was done by filing off the corners at different angles.

Below is the final wax for each of their rings (they each made each others ring)


The next stage was to prepared the cuttle fish bones for using as a mould - they are used because you can press your design into them and they can take the high heat of the molten metal when casting. This is Mark heating up the silver ready to pour into cuttlefish bone:


They didn’t come out too badly for a first attempt. The lines coming off the ring are just where the metal flowed to the air holes and the thin layer around the edge is where is seeped through. This all just has to be cut off but I can be reused afterwards by melting it down and creating something else.


After A LOT of hard work of filing, sanding and polishing. They produced two very impressive silver rings. As you can see they are quite similar to the original wax design they made the mould from.


Etsy Workshop - September

After the success of the Etsy Workshops: "How to increase your sales" in January, February & April I have decided to run additional courses in September. The course is aimed at current Etsy sellers (though new Etsy sellers could take part) who are looking to increase their sales or improve their shops. I have a wealth of Etsy knowledge that I want to share. In my own Etsy shop  Christina Made It  I have made over 3,500 sales in just 4 years and earn a full time salary from my business.

The details for the event:

Etsy Workshop: How to increase your Etsy sales. 

Sunday 30th September 2018

Thomas Reade School, Radley Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 3RR

All day workshop from 10am - 4pm

Lunch is included

The price £38 per person

EtsyWorkshop September 30.jpg

The workshop will cover:

  • Pricing your work

  • Tax & Accounts

  • Shipping

  • Packaging

  • Photography

  • Branding & marketing

  • Trends on Etsy

  • Social Media

  • Using the Etsy stats

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

We'll look at common mistakes to avoid and tips from getting the best from your shops. I'll be holding a Q&A session at the end. After the workshop you will receive a follow up to see how you are progressing. Please note there is a limited number of spaces for this workshop.

Review of the course from Louisa

"Christina is incredibly insightful and provided a lot of useful information and on going support. I am half way through my 'to do list' - Making the recommended amendments to my store as well as following other useful advice around improving SEO. I have already seen an uplift in sales and hope to see this continue as I complete all outstanding tasks. My sales in the last 2 weeks have more than covered the cost of the course so it was definitely a great investment for my business. On top of all this I have met some great new pals and we are all supporting each other as we grow our businesses together."

Get in touch if you would like to reserve your place or would like to ask any questions. You can book directly onto the course via the Paypal button below (£38 per person):

NOTE: lunch is included in this workshop please let me know if you have any dietary requirements.